Ideal for mass production

Gear honing

Gear honing has become established as a popular, economical hard machining process in the mass production of gear wheels for the car and truck industries. In comparison to ground gear wheels, honed gear wheels can offer advantages in terms of noise and wear behaviour due to their specific surface structures and properties.  This surface structure is caused by special process kinematics, in which the honing tooling makes rolling contact on opposed axes of the workpiece. The cutting speeds for gear honing are very slow in comparison to gear grinding and lie between 0.5 and 10 m/s.

This results in low thermal stress, thereby preventing burning of the ground surface.

Of special interest here is the honing tool in particular

ATLANTIC has further enhanced its range of honing tools to increase the economic viability, process reliability and efficiency of this procedure. These tools are characterised by continuous development, the use of specific ATLANTIC honing tools that are optimally tailored to the customer's requirements, as well as decades of expertise. ATLANTIC maintains a range of vitrified honing rings in stock.

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