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Fuel injection systems

A major objective is pursued in processing components for fuel injection systems: Economic efficiency as a result of precise fuel distribution via the combustion chamber in the engine. In times of "exploding" fuel prices, engineers are constantly on the lookout for ways to make components smaller, lighter and more precise. ATLANTIC products play a significant role in determining the end quality of products used in fuel injection systems, as they are often used for the final pass on nozzle bodies and needles.

The fact that ATLANTIC products are the first choice when it comes to the processing of fuel injection systems is underlined by the Bosch Supplier Award, which was bestowed upon ATLANTIC in 2011. The Bosch award recognises companies that have performed particularly well in manufacturing and supplying products or services over the past two years – especially in terms of quality, pricing, reliability, technology, and continuous improvement.

Customer benefits for the fuel injection system sector

  • Thanks to ATLANTIC's core competence in processing fine grain sizes in both vitrified and resinoid bonds, we are able to offer grinding tools that fulfil the ever increasing demands in terms of workpiece dimensional tolerances, geometry and surface finish.
  • Due to stringent quality assurance procedures our products achieve an extremely high reproduction rate.

The following are some examples of grinding  applications which are used for machining components in fuel injection systems

  • External cylindrical grinding
  • Centreless plunge grinding
  • Finishing with honing cups