Economical and safe

Ball bearings

ATLANTIC's grinding and finishing tools are the right choice wherever efficiency and precision are required in the production of ball bearings. On one hand, this can involve ball bearings that are produced in bulk. This is where every penny counts with regard to possible savings.

On the other hand, this can involve precision ball bearings which are in continuous use in areas that require maximum reliability.

An example is the aviation industry, in which ball bearings machined with ATLANTIC abrasives are used for turbines. ATLANTIC also stays abreast of changes in this sector, which increasingly involve the use of lighter materials for the ball bearings.

Customer benefits for the ball-bearing sector

  • Complete range of grinding tools such as: Internal cylindrical grinding wheels, Double disc grinding wheels, Race grinding wheels, Honing stones for race finishing.
  • ATLANTIC has many years of experience as a benchmarker in this industry.

The following grinding operations can be used for the roller bearing industry in machining ball bearings

  • Centreless through-feed grinding
  • Internal cylindrical grinding
  • Double disc surface grinding
  • Inner ring race grinding
  • Outer ring race grinding
  • Finishing