Tool grinding

The economic efficiency of modern cutting tools results from their particularly sharp cutting capabilities in combination with an extremely long service life.

The sharpness is determined by the cutting-edge geometry and the service life by the use of particularly wear-resistant, high-alloy tool steels.

Both aspects can be optimally influenced by the use of ATLANTIC‘s particularly cool-grinding and, depending on requirements, extremely fine-grit grinding wheels.

Customer benefits for the tool grinding sector

  • Grinding wheels for grinding the face and/or the edge of circular knives.
  • Grinding wheels for sharpening all possible knife shapes in the food industry.
  • Grinding wheels for the manufacture of cutting tools for use in agriculture.
  • Grinding wheels for sharpening saw blades.
  • Use of particularly cool grinding, self-sharpening bonding systems.
  • Use of extremely fine-grit silicon carbide grinding wheels for particularly sharp and burr-free cutting edge geometries.