Turbine manufacture

Heat-sensitive materials that have an extremely high alloy content need to be ground when manufacturing turbines for the aerospace industry and energy producers alike. To enhance the efficiency of modern turbines it requires the processing of increasingly more complex forms.

These two factors alone pose a significant challenge for grinding tools, as they need to produce an extremely cool grinding process on one hand, while maintaining extremely low tolerance bands in terms of dimension and profile retention on the other. A solution to this contradictory requirement is provided by the highly porous, vitrified ATLANTIC grinding wheels in a WVY bond.

Customer benefits for the turbine production sector

  • No thermal damage (grinding burn), provided that there is an optimum supply of coolant.
  • High infeed volumes (per run) and high feed rates help increase productivity.
  • Lower dressing rates (despite high profile requirements) result in a longer service life of the grinding wheel.
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