Durability is key

Hot strip mills

Two types of rolling mill are predominantly used in hot rolling mills today. One is the rolling mill with a rolling frame, in which the rolled product is passed backwards and forwards, and the other is the rolling mill with multiple frameworks, in which the rolled product is reduced from the rough dimension to the finished dimension in one pass.

Rolls are subjected to intense pressure in the hot rolling mill as a result of the heat of the rolled product. Wear-resistant materials are used to prevent high wear of the rolls in a production line. These materials, however, are generally difficult to process.

Essential criteria for grinding working and back-up rolls in hot rolling mills

  • High chip removal rates
  • Short grinding times
  • High G-factor

The grinding wheels manufactured by ATLANTIC come into their own here: Even rolls that are difficult to machine are shaped functionally with ATLANTIC grinding wheels. Customer requirements are fulfilled through the use of formulas and high-performance abrasive grains that are adapted to the rolled material. Despite the severe loads the grinding wheels are subjected to, they exhibit an excellent tool life and fulfil their purpose reliably over the long term.

Customer benefits for the hot rolling mill sector

  • Specially developed resinoid bonds for roll regrinding.
  • Extremely long tool life exhibited by the grinding wheels.
  • High stock removal rate (per time unit) and short grinding times.
  • Wide range of solutions for all roll types and materials.
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