The right equipment makes all the difference

Continuous generating grinding

In order to cover the rapidly increasing demand for gear wheels in industrial application, mass production is being subjected to shorter and shorter grinding times. The demands have also increased in terms of the quality of the surface, tooth trace, profile, pitch and concentric run-out. These are prerequisites for low noise development, durability and high efficiency.

In order to realise shorter grinding times higher chip removal rates are being demanded, not least because of the ever-increasing cutting speeds of grinding machines.

ATLANTIC offers the right abrasive tools

ATLANTIC offers the right abrasive tools for these complex, demanding tasks to ensure flawless operation of the grinding machines. This is, of course, without damaging the surface of the workpiece.

We can supply you with non-profiled cylindrical grinding wheels or pre-profiled grinding wheels in accordance with the corresponding parameters, such as "module", "pressure angle", "number of starts" and "helix direction". To ensure we are able to deliver at short notice we keep a comprehensive range of products in stock.

Machines: Burri, Gleason, Höfler, Liebherr, Niles-Kapp, Reishauer, Sanputensili, SMS,…