Constantly on the move

Research & Development

The range of activities conducted by our development department is diverse. We work with customers and manufacturers of grinding, honing and superfinishing machines to develop innovative grinding concepts, whose introduction to the market is often accompanied by applications for patents and test pieces.

We utilise our close contact with raw material suppliers to develop customised bonding systems and technologies for the production of high-performance grinding tools.

Equipped for the future

Bilateral research projects conducted with prominent universities in the grinding technology sector help us keep one step ahead of current developments. Whether it's making new discoveries in abrasive polishing with the IMF at TU Braunschweig, or developing new approaches to finishing processes at the University of Magdeburg, ATLANTIC specialism in fine grinding, honing and finishing tools makes us a coveted partner.

Thanks to our active participation in the Schleiftechnik e.V. research community we also maintain close contacts with the Technical University in Aachen, the IWF at TU Berlin and the University of Furtwangen.

Our heightened environmental awareness and the resulting desire to make more effective use of the resources at our disposal play an important role when it comes to selecting our research topics. The demands of our customers to substitute technologically undesirable and sometimes environmentally harmful elements and substances in grinding wheels are explored, as are suggestions for reducing emissions and concentrations of substances.

We receive significant support in executing environmental research projects from the Environmental Working Group of the VDS and the Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems.

Sustainability and energy efficiency are no longer bywords in our company. They are ubiquitous in projects for the technological renewal of production processes at ATLANTIC.