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Grinding of precision engine components

Grinding has gained significantly in importance in the engine production process. This demands innovative machining concepts for mass production and flexible manufacturing. New materials are tested in the engine technology sector, while new grinding processes for manufacturing precision components are the focus. Maximum performance is demanded wherever power and energy are converted into a rotary motion. An absolute necessity here includes precisely coordinated contact surfaces for the respective structural components, as they constantly need to fulfil their various functional requirements. High quality surface finishes are therefore essential.

As we tailor ATLANTIC products exactly for the individual application and are able to draw upon extensive expertise from thousands of projects in the automotive industry, we can pass this level of precision on to our customers. Examples of the machining process for engine components include crankshaft grinding, precise machining of cylinder liners and grinding of valves.

Customer benefits for the engine sector

  • ATLANTIC offers a wide range of products for machining various engine components: Crankshafts (cars & trucks), piston rods (cars & trucks), tappets, cylinder liners (cars & trucks) and valves.
  • Joint development of new grinding concepts with ATLANTIC application technology open up new possibilities for you.

Here are some examples of grinding operations that are used for machining precision parts in engine production

  • Cylinder liner grinding
  • Crankshaft grinding
  • Finishing
  • Grinding shaft and closing surfaces of a valve