Individual abrasives from A to Z

Our products

ATLANTIC is one of the leading manufacturers of bonded abrasives. ATLANTIC's range of grinding wheels covers all possible variations – from very dense to extremely open structures.

Individual adaptation to workpieces and machines

Dimensional stability and rigidity are ensured through the use of precisely coordinated bonding materials and types of abrasive.

You can find more information on warehouse numbers, specifications and dimensions of the products in our stock lists.

Grinding wheels

ATLANTIC precision grinding wheels achieve both high cutting performance and the highest surface quality in all areas of application.

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Honing & Superfinishing stones

ATLANTIC offers honing and superfinishing tools for fine and final machining.

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Segments & Abrasive files

ATLANTIC produces individual grinding segments for the efficient processing of extremely large flat surfaces.

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Regulating wheels

ATLANTIC offers a recently developed control wheel with outstanding properties.

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Diamond & CBN tools

Diamond & CBN tools have replaced many conventional abrasives as well as machining and material removal techniques.

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