Ideal for high production volumes

Diamond- & CBN-tools

Due to their outstanding tool life and high resistance to wear, diamond and CBN tools have successfully replaced many conventional abrasives as well as machining and stock removal techniques in a wide variety of industries. The tools are extremely cost effective, especially in the high volume production sectors.

Particularly cost-effective for machining brittle and short-chip materials

Honed surfaces have a high bearing area and are extremely resilient. Diamond grinding tools are particularly cost-effective for machining brittle and short-chip materials, such as ceramic, glass, carbide, titanium, alloyed steel, graphite, magnetic sintered materials and composites.

Diamond is the hardest grinding media known to-date (Knoops hardness 8,000) and, like cubic boron nitride, is synthetically manufactured. Diamond can even be used for machining plastic and for some special applications, such as honing of steel and grey cast iron.