Optimally equipped for all grinding operations

Bonded abrasives are used in almost all sectors of industry. The multitude of bonded abrasives available is vast. Small-sized grinding wheels are required for internal grinding and large, multi-piece grinding wheels are required for a variety of other grinding procedures. Almost every grinding operation requires grinding tools that are coordinated to the task at hand.

ATLANTIC can give you individual help and advice, including on-site assistance, in selecting the optimum grinding wheel for your process. Only the right abrasive, grain, bond, structure and degree of hardness will ensures a high quality, economical grinding result.

Regardless of whether you require assistance with face, external or internal grinding processes, or almost any other grinding operation for that matter, ATLANTIC can produce the right tool for you.

Grinding wheels and honing stones

Our company is specialized in the production of grinding wheels and honing stones. Here you get grinding material fitted to the wishes and requirements of your production. Grinding material exists in different versions, because the application area is as variegated as our range. They are known since antiquity and a valued for manufacturing of the different work pieces. Grinding systems lends it to execute rough and fine tasks and we are your competent partner to find the right grinding material.

During the processing of different material it is very important that the material and the executing grinding system are concerned. Otherwise it could lead to an exceeding wear or even loss of production.

The different sectors of industry benefit from our offers around grinding material. Whether metalworking for industries like manufacture of internal combustion engines, the medical technology or the astronautics and space technology, we provide the products that fit to your search.

Over and above your individual grinding material we also offer standard variations of grinding wheels and grindstones for the machining of metal and other materials.
The external cylindrical grinding, one of the most frequently grinding procedures, is grouped into different process variations. The external cylindrical range cross grinding between peaks, the external cylindrical range cross grinding centerless, the external cylindrical range longitudinal grinding between peaks and the external cylindrical range longitudinal grinding centerless. All of these processes are important in the automobile industry and car component industry where driving shafts, cam shafts and other vehicle parts are getting grinded. Our company provides for each plain grinding the perfect solution for each application.

Manufacture of internal combustion engines

For the manufacture of internal combustion engines we offer accurately fitting grinding wheels for each usual grinding machine and for numerous of basic material and substances.

The driving and cam shafts are the heart of an engine and therefore the grinding needs high adjusted precision.

Internal grinding

Internal grinding is important for the optimal surface of component parts. Also this process has two different variants: on the one side the internal range cross grinding and on the other side the internal range longitudinal grinding.

We achieve the fitting accuracy through the finishing touch which is essential at all sector of industries.This is why we need to be enormous precise while grinding. For this type of grinding we often use ceramic grinding wheels. The precise formed abrasive particle enables a more faster grinding process than before. Furthermore there is less pressure needed and this eases the thermal resistance. For precision grinding we use ceramic bound grinding material, because the hardness of a grinding wheel is made of the resistance of the binding.

Medical technology

Also the medical technology needs very small and high-quality precision equipment that needs individual solutions. 

The combination of our expert knowledge and exclusive special offers will let you meet the company’s target soon.

Silicon carbide wheels

Silicon carbide grinding wheels are the ideal solution for nonferrous metals, stainless steels, ceramic and mineral materials as well as for high-carbon steels. The silicon carbide is harder than corundum and it is heat resistant to 1600 degree. Also glass, ceramic, gemstones, light and non-ferrous metals can be finished excellent with silicon carbide grinding wheels. During the production of our grinding wheels we pay heed to durability and resistant to abrasion to increase their endurance.

We provide mock-ups for flexible face grinding of big or small workpieces for the perfect finish. The exact grinding of each side of a workpiece can get started.

Honing stones

Regarding to honing stones our clients stand to benefit from our long lasting experience in consulting respective application. Our products always meet the increasing demands of the industrial fabrication and they increase by high grinding quality the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your company.

We offer expertise from coarse grain to fine grain, a constant product quality, and high degree of shape accuracy, products for all industry niches and performance-oriented products. Just benefit from our experience about grinding wheels and honing stones. We will give your grinding processes the perfect finish!