Axial forces distributed optimally

Taper roller bearings

Taper roller bearings that are machined with ATLANTIC grinding and finishing tools provide optimum safety in areas that are subjected to extreme levels of stress.

In addition to processing wheel bearings for the truck sector, another example of application is in the "railway industry". This industry demands taper roller bearings for axle bearing applications that function reliably on a continuous basis and are able to withstand high loads.

The grinding and finishing tools produced by ATLANTIC are not only the first choice for manufacturers of these types of taper roller bearing. In addition to manufacturers of rails and automotive systems, our customers also include prominent companies, for example, which are involved in the energy sector, agriculture and food processing, mining and the aggregate industry.

Customer benefits in the taper roller bearing sector

  • Special expertise in the development, manufacture and application of grinding tools for the production of taper rollers, both in terms of the shell and end faces.
  • Grinding wheels consisting of a ceramic Atlantic GVY bond that generate a cool grinding performance and maintain their profile prove very successful for all of our customers for grinding sidewalls on the inner ring.

The following grinding operations can be used for the roller bearing industry in machining taper roller bearings

  • Centreless through-feed grinding
  • Internal cylindrical grinding
  • Double disc surface grinding
  • Inner ring race grinding
  • Outer ring race grinding
  • Finishing
  • Taper roller end face grinding
  • Face wall grinding