Comfort, safety and driving pleasure

Drive-line and Chassis

When it comes to drive-line and chassis components, there is no room for compromise: Components and component groups have to fully satisfy requirements such as driving comfort, noise reduction and continuous functional safety under demanding conditions. The development of shock absorbers, springs, chassis beams, tie rods, front and rear axle beams, pipes and rocker arms is progressing rapidly. Weight reduction and tool life are just two of the many issues that engineers are trying to optimise.

At ATLANTIC we are in contact with engineers, testing laboratories, manufacturers of grinding machines and automotive suppliers in order to play our part in ensuring that the best possible technical quality can be achieved.

Customer benefits for the undercarriage & chassis sector

  •  ATLANTIC offers a complete range of abrasive products for manufacturing shock absorber components.

  • Grinding wheels for pre-grinding both hardened and unhardened shock absorber rods.

  • Grinding wheels for intermediate grinding before the chrome-plating process.

  • Grinding wheels for finish grinding of both chrome-plated and non-chrome-plated shock absorber rods.

  • ATLANTIC also offers the corresponding control wheels.

  • ATLANTIC offers finishing stones for the final machining process after chrome-plating or grinding.